It has very much been a year of research and development at Mantlepower. Whilst retaining our commitment to our own deep geothermal targets, we are embracing new opportunities to apply our methods, in partnership with international carbon producing power companies, enabling them to transition to a clean, green and sustainable model. For us, this represents an exciting opportunity, fast tracking our contribution to the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

We have also been developing a new and innovative method for generating electricity using low temperature geothermal. Once patented, we see this technology being used in the more widely available low enthalpy regions and, excitingly for us, as small scale community solutions worldwide… particularly in the developing world.

Finally, as we gear up for what we anticipate being a big year for Mantlepower, we are delighted to have been chosen as one of the 38 finalists in the 2023 Index Awards. As sustainable industry is a growing and competitive field, we were honoured to be among the many hundreds of nominations. It is a great thrill for our years of planning and innovative ideas to have been recognised. Thank you Index Project.

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