We are in the business of piping hot steam from the earth’s mantle to:

  • Generate low-cost, sustainable electricity;
  • Produce hydrogen for green industries;
  • Harvest lithium and other valuable minerals.
  • Creating a future powered by the planet, without it costing the Earth.


Mantlepower’s analysts have prospected more than 100 sustainable geothermal fields and have selected the 15 best targets, based on geophysical data, local electricity market, democratic stability, and investment climate.

Building Plants

We develop and build large-scale state-of-the-art high enthalpy geothermal plants for our own geothermal fields. These are plant-wide closed loop installations, ensuring net-zero release of CO2. All plants are built to produce load-balancing electricity, process heating & hydrogen, optimising efficiency.

Supplying Energy

Our stated goal is to build sufficient geothermal plant capacity worldwide, in electricity, process heating and hydrogen, to reduce the current global output of CO2 by 10%.

Big problems require big solutions. Welcome to Mantlepower.