All plants are modular in construction and centred around multiples of 150MWe (Nameplate), the smallest projected electricity plants are 600MWe (Nameplate), ranging all the way up to 3 600 MWe (Nameplate).

These record-breaking effects can be achieved because the fields are high enthalpy fields, tapping supercritical fluid wells. Supercritical fluid in this case is water under extreme temperature and pressure.

Supercritical wells normally produce 40MWth per hour worked, over four times the output of regular wells. This high operational effect is how DeepGeo becomes highly profitable when compared with regular geothermal wells since it requires significantly fewer wells to be drilled.

Mantlepower is also utilizing multiped and multiwell drilling technology to further cut down on drilling and well preparation costs.

This ensures that the plants have the benefit of scale. The need for clean, sustainable new electricity production is huge to ensure that we can make the net-zero green transition into an electricity and hydrogen economy.

All plants will be combination plants able to produce both electricity and hydrogen so that the plants can act in a load-balancing manner toward the electricity grid. In cold climate countries, hot water can be sold to space heating companies if there are suitable cities with integrated space heating grids close by.

All plants are what we like to call Plantwide Closed Loop. That means that the steam that we extract can never come into contact with the outside, ensuring that we can capture CO2 and HS2 gas, the CO2 will be pumped back into the field together with the process water.

The H2S will be reconstituted into Sulphuric Acid for industrial use, giving a beneficial side income.

In the case of DeepGeo the wells feeding the plant will tap into brine. Some brines will contain dissolved metals such as REEs and Lithium. These will be extracted, purified and sold.

A modern geothermal power plant is a hub for industry. Companies working with chemical products, gas distribution and mineral extraction would be welcome to co-locate at the plant sites. Mantlepower would welcome any such companies as financial partners.

There is also marked interest from power-hungry industries to co-locate, to benefit from a steady electricity and process heat supply. Mantlepower encourages any such companies to also become our financial partners.

It is important to see large-scale geothermal energy not only as a provider of Electricity, Hydrogen and Space heating. It is also a very good partner for the mining industry. Mantlepower would welcome any mining company as a financial partner.

We also kindly ask cities and countries that we build plants in to consider how our geothermal plants can aid local industry and create more well-paid jobs and further service local industry needs, Mantlepower would welcome any city or country to be involved as a financial partner.