Currently a growing team with big plans

The Board

Andreas Caggianella
Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Executive Officer

M.Sc in Sustainability Auditing.

His hobbies include driving motorcycles where no motorcycle was ever intended to be.

Rana Maarouf

Rana Maarouf
Member of the Board

Economist & Investor

Hobbies include collecting greentech and food companies.


Carl Rehnberg
Chief Operating Officer

Geophysicist and volcanologist, former CEO of various companies.

His hobbies include building factories in Africa.

Nick Small
Director of Communication

Nick has spent three decades in the broadcast industry as a writer, producer and director for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery among others.

His hobbies include running up volcanoes (and filming them).

Gareth Dale
Chief Technical Officer

Gareth has spent two decades in the IT industry as a webmaster, media developer (content and storyboarding), server and firewall administrator as well as a general IT support role.

His hobbies include playing music (bass guitar) and fishing.