Aerial view of Barsebäck

A recent report identified Skåne as the worst region in Europe for electricity production and energy security, which is not a title for the region to be proud of. Now a Malmo based company is taking steps to improve matters.

As a step towards building the world’s largest next generation geothermal powerplant in the town of Kävlinge just north of Malmo, Mantlepower Geothermal today handed in two permit applications for brine mining. These mining permits will give Mantlepower the option to process geothermal waste water for valuable green industry minerals, such as lithium, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Hydrogen and e-fuel production are also planned.

The geothermal powerplant will be built near the disused Barsebäck Nuclear Power Station and is planned to produce 600MW electricity and 200MW district heating. It will be built as a closed loop, zero waste and zero emission plant, with any residual waste and geothermal water being pumped back into the ground. When it comes on stream, it will help to stabilise the energy situation in Southern Scandinavia.

Not only will the Barsebäck Geothermal Plant be the world’s largest, but it will also hold the world record as the deepest drilled geothermal powerplant, with boreholes in excess of 9 kilometres depth, made possible by ground-breaking new drilling methodology.
Over the next two years Mantlepower intends to apply for permits to build geothermal power stations in 14 locations around the globe in order to meet its stated aim of being the world’s largest geothermal energy producer, whilst significantly reducing global CO2 emissions.

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