The future of Geothermal process heat is looking hot.

We at Mantlepower have received a lot of inquiries for collocation from the industry, enabling power-hungry industries with electricity, hydrogen and high-temperature process steam.

Mantlepower is proud to present our first collocating customer, the leading Swedish Organic certified Roasting house Nuts Scandinavia, which intends to replace the natural gas used in their roasting lines with high enthalpy steam.

Nuts Scandinavia is a pioneer and leader in its business sector with regard to sustainable packaging and production. Now the Board of Directors has made plans for a new sustainable and renewable factory to meet increasing demands in the industry.

A Letter of Intent has been signed for 8.75GWh annually in process steam, and an additional 4GWh annually in electricity. As a part of the agreement Nuts Scandinavia will aid in financing the development of the plant.

This is the way forward, with industry collocating in industrial parks next to our geothermal plants, creating industrial hubs and new employment where the all-important green energy is produced.

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